About us

At REFU we want all our people to be able to work in a better environment and to enjoy an enriched life with due recognition.
We have built up a solid relationship of trust with Japanese companies.
We can offer you a stable income, secure benefits and a safe life in Japan.


You only need your experience, your skills and a little courage to take a step forward!That's all you need and the REFU will help you to find your way around Japan.

REFU Inc President Kenichi Harami

Why choose us?

Scout system
Once you have entered our website and you have been contacted by a Japanese company, you are ready to go to JAPAN! REFU will only invite you to Japanese companies with good benefits!
Departure support
We provide full support from entry, documentation, VISA application to boarding the plane.
No special fees from entry to start of work! Your cost is only the visa application fee.
After arrival in JAPAN
We will take you from your arrival airport to your place of employment. We will help you get used to life in Japan as quickly as possible. We will also help you with any problems such as injury or illness.


To begin with entry!

Once you have registered, a member of our team will contact you.
We’ll be waiting for you to sign up!